Website Development

Microsites and Landing Pages

Smaller, information or promotional website to support wider marketing campaign. 

Matsuko Website

An e-commerce website for a small, pond and garden control business. Standard e-commerce functionality including the use of coupons. 

EB Equipment Website

This project required a website where different users (account types) are able to see different prices and payment options based on their current account status within the company (credit accounts).

EB Motorsport Website

This project required various shipping options due to the size of the products. Lots of work was involved in creating copy and taking images, along with the overall design and performance of the site. 

SALUS Controls Websites

I was responsible for re-developing several websites accross the group including different regions within the EU and the main group wesbite where users can navigate to their region. Several sites required the copy to be translated which came with challenges. 

Desktop Wireframe

Tablet Wireframe

Mobile Wireframe