Advanced B2B Digital Marketing

14TH AUGUST 2018

  • B2B digital marketing strategies
  • Align B2B digital marketing strategy with business objectives
  • Empower and support sales through B2B social and digital sales
  • B2B lead generation and nurturing
  • Integrate offline environment with digital channels
  • Develop a compelling B2B content marketing plan
  • Integrate social and mobile marketing
  • Latest applications in B2B digital

Introduction to B2B Digital Marketing

14TH AUGUST 2018

  • Understand the new marketing mix and how to apply it
  • Key B2B digital marketing techniques
  • B2B digital marketing channels and how to select and apply them
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Develop digital marketing plans
  • Budget for digital marketing


Web Design & Development


  • Communicating with Internet Technology
  • Configuring an Email Client to
  • Understanding Internet Architecture
  • Using Internet Services – Website Diagram and Design
  • Website Development, Planning and TestingUnderstanding How to use HTML5
  • Applying Cascading Style Sheets
  • Principles of Database Concepts – Essential JavaScript
  • JavaScript Programming Techniques
  • JavaScript Technology Extensions
  • Applied JavaScript
  • Using GUI HTML for Website Development
  • Principles of Networking Fundamentals
  • Network Maintenance and Issues
  • Wireless Networking and Privacy Protection
  • Understanding Project Management
  • Server Side Scripting on Web Servers
  • Principles of Internet Security




  • Analysing competitor activity
  • Contributing to the development of a marketing plan
  • Evaluating and improving my performance in business
  • Working with other people in a business environment
  • Maintaining a portfolio of products and/or services
  • Designing marketing promotions
  • Developing advertising campaigns
  • Using digital technology for marketing purposes
  • Using digital technology and social media in marketing
  • Contributing to innovation in a business environment
  • Maintaining and developing Website software